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Many thanks to Elizabeth Triezenberg, MSN, RN, CNL at Trinity Health for the following endorsement of Caring Lessons that arrived today. And thanks to the entire group of nurses at Trinity Health who have purchased and read Caring Lessons. I appreciate the support of each one of you and wish you every success on your own “professional development” path!

“As she tells her nursing story, Lois Roelofs unfolds the art of nursing. From earning her diploma in nursing through her doctorate in nursing science, she takes readers on a tasks-to-theory journey, explaining in a lighthearted fashion why nursing theory really matters, something some of us need to hear a few times! And she lets us know that, no matter what level of education the nurse has, our ultimate learning is with our patients.

Caring Lessons captured a summary of my thoughts and feelings as a nurse and Clinical Nursing Leader. It was easy and fun to read, and it challenged my perspective on how nursing is perceived and how to communicate to the rest of the world the importance of our profession.”

Elizabeth Triezenberg MSN, RN, CNL Trinity Health