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WRMN Studio in Elgin

I learned this simple mandate, watch carbs, walk more,  last fall from Laura Dion-Jones after I was a guest as a nurse author on her radio show. That encounter led to the blurb I wrote for the Caring Lessons Blog Tour Stop #4 (posted 3/14).

When I told Laura about the blurb, she asked if she could reprint it, “An Obsession on the Way to Living Lighter”,  on her weekly blog from Elgin, IL, at bocajump.com

If you didn’t catch it here on 3/15, and you’re interested in a way to wiggle off those extra pounds, click on the title above to read a humorous account about one woman’s multiple attempts to lose weight. And then a way to keep it off.

Yummy lunch in Elgin "before" the show -- haven't had a potato chip since!