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I’m happy to offer my older friends an opportunity to submit your words via written interview  for consideration for a new book being edited by one of my writing teachers, Carol LaChapelle.

Here is a blurb from her blog:

ON THE GEEZER BEAT:  Tales from Elderville

a forthcoming book by Carol LaChapelle, author of

Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Stories (Marion Street Press, 2008)

PLEASE NOTE:  These interviews—with permissions sought and granted—may be posted on my blog, www.carollachapelle.blogspot.com, included in the book, or both. 

 For more information, please contact me at  madmoon55@hotmail.com or 773.981.2282

If you’d like to read a sample interview, check out Carol’s blog above. And, if you’d like an easy-to-read guide to writing your own stories, read her book: Finding Your Voice-Telling Your Stories: 167 Ways to Tell Your Stories.

It’s fun to work with Carol. On page 166 in Finding Your Voice-Telling Your Stories, is my story about when I entertained men in my bedroom. Now what were you thinking? Don’t worry–it was a 9-1-1 call–and the entertainment for them was finding a wastebasket for me before I drenched them with projectile tomato juice. A funny story, indeed!