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Nursing faculty: Are you planning textbooks for your fall courses?

I invite you to consider Caring Lessons: A Nursing Professor’s Journey of Faith and Self  as a good choice for a recommended or required reading in courses related to career development. Caring Lessons chronicles my forty years in nursing, from diploma to PhD and nurse’s aide to professor.

“I had no idea” is a frequent response I’ve had to the book. The rigor of our educational process amazes readers. And the versatility of our career options. And our ability to juggle career, advanced schooling, and parenthood.

Backing up a bit, as a newly published author nearly two years ago, the first nursing dean I contacted was Dr. Sue Dunn, Chairperson of the Nursing Program at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. When I told her I was driving through and would like to discuss my new book with her, she immediately suggested meeting in a cozy restaurant near the college.

Her first words to me were: “I love your book.” Since that day, she has been a faithful supporter, inviting me to present on her campus and using Caring Lessons as a text for a nursing course.  Afterwards she emailed me:

My students loved the book and found the study guide questions helpful in stimulating deeper thinking about how aspects of the book may apply to themselves as nursing students and future nurses. I would definitely recommend the book for other nursing programs.

Susan Dunn, PhD, RN
Chairperson and Associate Professor
Hope College Nursing Department
35 East 12th St
Holland MI  49423

Thank you so much, Dr. Dunn, for your encouragement and for giving me permission to add your words to this site. And for planning to use Caring Lessons as a required text again this fall!

If you have questions, you may contact me at caringlessons@aol.com. For a review copy, contact rhonda@bringitoncommunications.com.