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Macy’s Walnut Room is sparkling ready for your annual family gathering around the tree. 

They’ve even rolled out the red carpet for you…

and created a store-wide festive atmosphere.

There was no line today at the Walnut Room. Wait a few days and you’ll be waiting a few hours in line. My first year downtown, I waited three hours!

I’ve asked old-time Chicagoans about this waiting, and they say it’s a family tradition; they came to Marshall Field’s Walnut Room as children, and now they’re coming with their grandchildren.

I can’t relate to a life-long annual tradition. As a preacher’s daughter, we moved every few years, so I have multiple childhood roots…and no Walnut Room in my history.

Plus, I’ve never been good at establishing family traditions. I’d start something (one year it was having raisin bread at Christmas dinner), only to forget it by the next holiday. So I guess my tradition is having no traditions!

And I’m okay with that.