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The only thing I know is that I don’t know. A thought attributed to Plato or Socrates (From my notes the last day of class, June 4, 2013)

Today I want to give thanks for the University of Chicago’s Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults. And thanks for retirement years to be able to do what I want, when I want, and for how long I want. And, most importantly to make completing this program happen, thanks for our move to downtown Chicago eight years ago where it’s just a twenty-minute walk to U of C’s downtown campus.

Last Saturday, June 15, my classmates and I were awarded a certificate for successful completion of the four-year Basic Program. A memorable occasion for me because it took me eight years. I sat out between years three and four getting my health up to snuff, and completing and promoting Caring Lessons.
photoTo finish the fourth year, I had only ninety hours of class time to go and only about three thousand pages of reading to absorb! And I loved almost every minute of every hour buried in readings or submerged in class discussions.

One teacher had a habit of saying, “Ms. Lois, what are your thoughts on this?”. He did not allow any student to get by without participating in the discussion. I hoped I’d have a thought. Any thought. Make that a relevant thought. After class, I’d usually leave with a pleasantly induced headache.

Here’s a slide show of the big day. My son, my photographer, spent pre-ceremony time at a used  book store down the street from U of C’s International House, so my guests were obliged to happily display their new reading material.

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My daughter just asked on Facebook, What’s next? Well, after I clean my desk, I can’t wait to start with week one of my notes (Fall 2005) and tie it all together! As a non-apologetic compulsive note taker, I have hundreds of pages calling me to the couch for long summer afternoons.

I know there are many things I do not know. Yet.