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Ant Party

Ant Party

Sorry about the goof-up yesterday with my post containing my photo and one of the cover of Caring Lessons. Those of you in the blogging world know how things can get sent without intention! I see by my stats that lots of you stopped by, and I thank you for that.

ant party

Ant Party

Now for the real news of today. Thanks to seven days of Lyrica 50 mg, followed by four days so far of 100 mg, I am free of my life in a bee hive or ant hill. No more buzzing bees or fiery ants fighting or partying in my flesh.

Oh, they’re still there, feeling like they are ready to pounce, but the light cotton blanket over them is keeping them subdued. That’s how it feels. I’m no longer digging myself head to toe in ferocious style to relieve the itching sensation I’ve had much of the time since January. (If you have similar concerns, search “itch” in the search space on the side bar to read past posts on my sensation of itching, itching that is not a skin condition but arises from nerve abnormalities associated with fibromyalgia.)

I am so thankful, I have no words to describe my relief.

Of course, I’ve spent much of this second week flat on my back either resting or sleeping due to the drowsy side effect. But each day is better. Today, day four, I didn’t need a nap. Yippee! I’m not one to “waste time” during the day napping, but I’ve lost a lot of time this past week with no choice but to give in to the drowsiness.

I hope this long saga of my ten months of  “itching” brings hope to some. And I’m praying heartily that my relief continues. As I told a friend at symphony today,  “The best thing is the relief from the horrible pins and needles, but, ironically, I’m aware again of  my muscle pain from fibromyalgia. The itching has been masking that.”

But I will not complain. If this is as good as I get, I can, and will,  live with it. With renewed optimism, I’ve already signed up to take another class at the University of Chicago. They have oodles of alumni courses for those who have finished their four-year  Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults which I did last June. The winter brochure came in the mail, my mind went crazy over the choices, and I bee-lined (pun intended) to the computer to sign up. More about that when I start on January 7.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. If you are an email reader and have nothing else to do at the moment, click on my name, and come on over to my blog. WordPress offers some fun stuff for the holidays, so you can see some changes I’ve made. Watch for the snowflakes! The mountain of snow on the sides was at Mt. Rainer, and the banner at the top features three of my five grandchildren. Love them!!


Photo Credits: sbfisher at Wikipedia