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Picture this. One day you’re walking Chicago’s pedway and the long wall across from Macy’s on State is as boring as ever. Bland. No color. And a bit dirty.

Then magic happens.

Last week, I joined commuters racing on the pedway from trains to jobs and reveled in that long wall now bursting with color, excitement, and beauty.

018425a41708a35d72a6941fe963a48836cb4d93a9I raced with the commuters through one train station, a mall, and another train station, as far as City Hall. No need to measure my speed. Those people, I’m sure, speed faster than my usual 3mph on the treadmill. And, with the crowds and the speed, I had no time to think how awful it was to be “exercising” at that hour.

On my way back, I circled the mall (Block 37) a few times and jogged (sorta) up and down their escalators. When I hit the pedway again, I had few companions.

01932a0bbd6776d24b6511dec76ac87bd82bbf437aI stopped to read the sign explaining this new exhibit of American Victorian Stained Glass. And I had the pleasant thought that all my former racing friends were now working at their desks and I, retired, could leisurely walk home.

011d0461efef7ce964a3208a2f255a55baefc1f799At home, I searched the web and found Jyoti Srivastava’s photos of this new wall of art. Don’t miss them and her beautiful descriptions at  Public Art in Chicago.

Plan to visit her site awhile and soak in all the other breathtaking photos. Then come downtown, catch lunch in the Walnut Room, and peruse the wall. And, unless you want to run a race, don’t come at commuter time.