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Before I flew west a few weeks ago to teen sit my granddaughter, I set healthy goals: cut carbs, lose two pounds, climb stairs five times an hour, and walk an hour a day in their hilly green neighborhood during fifty-degree weather.

I’d been unsuccessful at home with the above activities and thought, surely, with no need to clean drawers or downsize closets, in other words, no distractions, I would be a glowing runway model by the time I got back home to snowy frigid Chicago. At my daughter-in-law’s request, I’d even given her a grocery list–including apples, melons, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt–to help me achieve my goals.

Enter a trip to Costco and the rainy season of the Pacific Northwest.

2014-03-08 17.14.16One quick Costco trip, and I had one dozen banana chocolate chip muffins. Big ones—probably six-hundred calories apiece. Mix in the rainy season, and you have a yummy recipe to add to a comfy seat on the couch while you sip tea and savor the Greek yogurt drizzled over a warmed-up, banana chocolate chip muffin.

From there on, my goals deteriorated. I rationalized that I don’t have a Costco membership at home, so should enjoy the muffins. Likewise, I don’t have that much rain in the winter at home, so I should glue myself to the couch and watch the rain soak the grass.

2014-03-03 15.53.58So, side tracking my goals was absolutely no problem. Plus, of course, having my fun and energetic teenager drop by to ask, “Is there anything I can get for you, Grandma?”

Could there be any better week of muffins and rain than when it is sprinkled with the love and thoughtfulness of a granddaughter?

I think not. Even if I have to reset my goals.