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Last week, when the “foreverness” of my loss threatened to plunk me down, I received an uplifting reminder of Marv’s ever-present optimism.

In his final weeks, he sprang his idea of a TANA pledge on me. TANA is Trinity Christian College’s nursing alumni association. I, of course, gave him at least a dozen reasons why it wouldn’t work.

But, if you knew Marv, you know he believed there is no such word as can’t. So he wrote up his TANA Pledge and submitted it to Amy Nagelkirk, chair of TANA’s Board, and to appropriate administrative persons at Trinity Christian College.

For background, I helped start the BSN program at TCC in 1983, and Marv was always a strong supporter of my work there.

Then, a week ago, just as Marv believed possible, Amy presented his TANA pledge to the alumni and guests gathered at the TANA brunch held during TCC’s annual Fall Fest.

Amy presenting at the TANA Brunch

Other nursing alumni will be notified about the pledge soon. If you are an alum, please contact Amy (or your class rep or me) to update your contact information. Dream Marv’s vision along with him. Support TANA and the nursing program into perpetuity. I would be thrilled to be proven wrong!

A beautifully designed booklet was passed out at the brunch. It presents information about Trinity’s outstanding nursing program and Marv’s TANA pledge. Read the booklet here: TANApledge_v3 (1)

So, before you leave this post, read the tear-off final page of the booklet again. As alumni, prayerfully consider giving back for the education you received that enables you to competently practice Christ-centered nursing.

Friends of nursing may also support the TANA pledge.

On behalf of Marv, I thank TANA and the college for their all-out support of his idea. For those of you who don’t know, Marv passed away on July 25. I thank God for his ever-present optimism!