Thank you, Joost van Beek and team at Nurse Recruiter, for selecting my blog to be among their top nurse blogs for 2019. This is their second year for examining nursing blogs, and I’ve made their cut this year for a second time. I appreciate their dedication to this project!

This organization groups their top nurse blogs by category:

Beyond just blogging: call them NursePreneurs

Nurses who blog about health and nursing

Nurses who blog about all kinds of things

Blogs for nurse educators and nursing students

Community, non-profit and advocacy blogs

Nursing journal blogs

Nursing news, magazine and business

Nursing school blogs

My blog, Write Along with Me, is categorized under “Nurses who blog about all kinds of things.” The site mentions my forty-year career in nursing, including roles such as administrator, educator, and researcher. The description also mentions my nursing memoir, Caring Lessons, and lists the various topics on my blog from writing to growing older to grief to life in Sioux Falls to nursing memories.

I use to say about my husband that you can take a boy off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy. I feel the same about myself as a nurse. I retired from nursing 19 years ago, but you’ll never take the nurse out of me; I see all things in life through that long-lived nursing lens. Therefore, I’m very honored that my blog fulfills the selection criteria for nurses who blog about all kinds of things.

When I started blogging in 2010, writing teachers and resources strongly advised focusing blog posts on single topics and limiting the length of each post to 500 words. They cautioned that was the only way to be successful.

Well, I didn’t really care about being successful; I just wanted to write. So I have…about anything or everything and as short or long as I wanted. And this is my 547th blog post; I’m aiming for at least 1,000!

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