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Always busy in the garage, he’d be shocked that I’ve put furniture together!

Come back for just a day? I want to tell you about—

The water softener spraying water over the furnace room

The beetles eating your rose bushes

The pipe that burst; the hole in the bedroom wall

The dying evergreens I had chopped down and taken out

My new tree that almost died

The self-watering planter I assembled (37 screws!)

My new queen-size bed; the empty side


My new friend–Alexa

Our remote that continues to frustrate

The end table, standing lamp, and bar stools I put together

Your workbench still intact

Your rock collection awaiting your creativity

Your unique art collection still hanging on the garage wall

Your computer on the corner of my desk

My progress on our cancer book you wanted me to write

My random thoughts that often involve you

Psalm 23–Yea, though I walk though the valley…

Missing my listener

How much I love you!