So I’ve done it again–eaten too much sugar, gotten myself too busy, forgotten to pace myself. And I’m paying for it in pain. Dollars would be easier.

I haven’t given an update of my fibromyalgia for a long time, so last night I searched for the word in my search box. And below is what I found from October 5, 2015. You might want to say I never learn!

Fibromyalgia: In Remission?

So what are you dealing with nowadays? Is your life all chipper or are you in the doldrums? This virus life is taking a different toll on each of us. I just canceled a trip to a friend I’d made plans for before the Delta surge. I hate it! But on the other hand, I’m very thankful for my health and the current health of family and friends.

my backyard

Shall we all together make a pledge to ourselves to put a smile on our faces and make the most of our situations, drawing from wherever we find our strength? God, faith, nature? See the photo above that I took this morning out my patio door! Stunningly beautiful.

For me, yes I know! I need to cut the cookies, stop signing up for everything, and pace my days once again! And, on this 38th month anniversary of life without my husband, remind myself I can do this!