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Today, I happily present the cover of my completed book and announce that Marv Taking Charge is scheduled to be released this fall.

Marv liked red. I like script, no borders, and a metaphorical background. So that is the information I gave to my publisher Andy Carmichael at Deep River Books; DRB’s cover editor, Robin Black, presented me with three choices (and offered more if I wished). I was happy with this cover.

Weeks before, the DRB team worked with me on the title. Many of you submitted ideas to me along the way. One idea submitted was Taking Charge, and I forwarded that with several others, and what you see is the final title, complete with subtitle.

In January I gave you a heads up that this process had started (Good News for the New Year). Way last September, I wrote about the form of the memoir in a post titled Memoir in Pieces: Announcing Countdown for Cancer Book. I projected a publication date by the end of the year, so I was a few months late.

So it’s an exciting time! Marv would be happy that I’m getting our story of his diagnosis to death trajectory into print. He was adamant that folks know that choosing to refuse treatment for a terminal illness is an option. I guess he was confident that I could and would make the book happen. With a lot of encouragement from many of you, this bright red book about our cancer “adventure,” as I called it, will soon be available. Thank you!

Thinking about the importance of the first sentence that I wrote about last time–here’s the first sentence of Marv Taking Charge: A Story of Bold Love and Courage:

Not knowing when the pulmonologist was going to call, Marv decided we would not wait around for his biopsy report.

You will want to know more, I’m sure! Where were they going that was urgent? Or was it urgent? Why does it sound like the narrator’s husband made the decision without her? What does that say about their relationship? What does that say about him? And why a pulmonologist? Why a biopsy? A biopsy of what? What must have happened earlier? ….

You may preorder Marv Taking Charge at several sites online or wait to order from me. I’ll greatly appreciate your interest and support! Naturally, I’ll keep in touch!