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At bedtime last Thursday

Don’t even try to follow my screen shots below! But I want you to experience the frustration I had last Thursday. Not nice of me, I know. But misery loves company, I hear. And visuals are powerful.

I was trying to get to Seattle to see my first great-grandchild who was born shortly after my hip surgery four months ago. I wanted to see her, finally, before she went off to college. Such is the life of a GG whose recuperation took longer than expected.

Our impending snowstorm last Thursday started the avalanche of delayed flights. I booked and re-booked. At one point mid-afternoon, I was at the door with my suitcase, my daughter waiting in the driveway, when one flight was delayed for the umpteenth time. I finally re-booked for last Friday. When it ran into a snag late that evening, I canceled the trip. My brain was numb.

You can see why my brain was numb. Evey time I glanced at my phone, I didn’t know if I was coming or going or standing still. I had screen shots of several boarding passes by the end of the day. I could see myself standing in line and needing to try all of them before I found the right one.

The good thing about the day was I spent it at home, not stranded in an airport. There’s always an upside.

I finally got unpacked on Saturday afternoon. The opportune time to make this trip is passed. But I’ll make sure I go with my great-granddaughter on her college visits. I always loved my life on campuses when I taught nursing, and it’ll be fun to jog around campuses with her as she makes her decision.

Last Friday morning. My front yard became a depository of snow.