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Being new to the process of publishing, I didn’t know (or didn’t remember) that I’d get the galley to proof. But I did and now I’m working on it. Caring Lessons is now typeset, and I’m very happy with how it looks. My publisher, Deep River Books, has done everything I’ve suggested. Imagine my grin when I opened the pdf document and saw it for the first time. Slowly scrolling down each page to check it out–fun!

So far I’m only finding that a few paragraphs are indented too far. I’m wondering what errors others have found in this final proofing process. You can let me know here or through caringlessons@aol.com

As I go down the memory lane of my nursing career once again, I can’t help but feel the buzz I used to have walking down hospital hallways, holding a patient’s hand, seeing my students eyes light up when they “got it,” and watching my students process cheerfully down the aisle at graduation.

Here’s a hurrah today for all nurses!