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Before I moved downtown, I remember racking my brains to figure out what to do when we had out-of-town guests. Taking them downtown was our usual entertainment because there was little to do in our suburb.

Not true, now. One of my sisters is coming tomorrow for her annual visit, and I always try to plan something we’ve not done before. I’ve started to make a list:

Art Institute — lecture and tour
Grant Park Music Festival in Millennium Park
Million Dollar Quartet at Apollo Theater
Concert at Fourth Presbyterian Church
Gene Siskel Film Center
Tony Tasset’s new Eye sculpture on south State Street
Yolk and Original Pancake House for breakfast

So, I’ll see what we manage to do in her short visit here. I do believe we have the most beautiful city to show off. And it’s so easy to get around.

My husband has promised to leave us alone. And our walking shoes are ready… Oh, and did I mention shopping?