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The July/August issue of Poets&Writers features an article “Biking for the Book” about author James Kaelan’s 1900 mile bike tour from Santa Monica to Vancouver to promote his collection of stories, We’re Getting On. The article states the tour was being called the Zero Emission Book Project, referring to “a group of people who…abandon society and attempt to live off the land….”

With a book coming out myself, the idea of a book tour and the idea of Kaelan’s book intrigue me. In a quote from We’re Getting On, Kaelan’s narrator says he wants “a refuge from everything I’ve ever learned or done or been reliant upon.” Electric lights, telephones, plumbing…

I received this issue several weeks ago and placed it on a reading stack on the floor by my bed. The “Biking for the Book” headline on the cover greets me every night before sleep and every morning as I get up. And Kaelin’s picture: young, fit, bike hoisted one-handed higher than his shoulder, standing barefoot on the sand, ocean side. Could I go without modern conveniences and take off on my bike with a few dozen copies of Caring Lessons in the basket?

Most likely not. But Kaelin’s image and ideas inspire me to admire him for exploring and writing about earth-conscious ideas. One caveat–the article hints at “disastrous results.” All the more reason to pick up the book and read.