“You need a hairdresser?” a friend asked me one wintry day over a cozy lunch when I was complaining that mine had run off to Europe. “I have the best,” she said. “My memory is short, so when you get home, e-mail me, and I’ll give you her phone number.”

Now, that “best” hairdresser has become not only my own stylist, but also my best salesperson of Caring Lessons. And, of course, a very good friend.

When Krystyna heard that I was about to have a book published, razor in hand, she stopped short, looked in the mirror ahead of me, and exclaimed, “I will sell them for you. I’ll put them on a shelf—next to my products, and I’ll sell them right here.”

And she has made good on her promise. Today she called and asked for another batch. She tells me, that after reading the book jacket, her clients want to buy my book either for themselves or as Christmas presents for their nurse friends, working-mom friends, or adult returning-student friends. So the books are hopping off her shelf. And I’m sure her smile and friendly persuasion help those sales along.

I got her permission today to feature her on my blog. And here she is: Krystyna!

Krystyna was my hairstylist for the photo on the back cover of Caring Lessons. I only wish the picture was larger so readers could see what a fantastic cut she gave me for that occasion.

So today I send my “best” thanks to Krystyna for her enthusiasm and support. And now that I’ve referred a friend to her and have met other clients in her salon, I know that we are all happy members of a Krystyna Admiration Society!