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One thing I know as a nurse is that wearing white can become boring. I worked for years to graduate from the stripes of student to the white of graduate, but after another forty years of white uniforms or lab coats, it really is time to move on. That brings me to my topic today.

A few years ago, my friend and I hobnobbed in NYC a few days. Always adventurous, we walked from Chelsea to Central Park, from Ground Zero to Chinatown.

As we ate Chinese, minutes before we had to plane it home, we made a list of our goals. We always make a list before we separate; we often write the same goals when we meet again months later, but it’s satisfying to quantify just what it is we dream of being or doing.

We’d been impressed with the trim and chic older women in NYC. We attributed their size to their walking. A lot. And we noticed that many women had thrown convention down the street drains and wore dazzling head to toe attire.

Our observations became our goals. We thought, as we grow older, we want to be thin and dress pizzazz-y. If that required black feather boas, melon-colored moon-sized glasses, sapphire silky blouses, animal print leotards, and saffron sequined shoes, so be it. We would grow old in style.

This year is the best year to (finally) start as we’re both starting a new decade. And this ADVANCED STYLE website was in the news this week. Planted specifically, I think, to give us ideas! Really, I do.

ADVANCED STYLE: Advanced Style Videos.

We should start a club. We could brighten up Chicago….march on Michigan Avenue. Agree?

Photo Credit: Women with a Black Feather Boa, 1892, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Wikipedia