One day I was lamenting that I wasn’t giving of myself like I used to do when I was teaching nursing. I felt pretty self-centered spending much of my day sequestered in my study. It was Amy, my volunteer publicist, that corrected me: “You’re writing is your ministry now.”

Writing as my ministry. I’d never thought about it in that way. I’m sure I was too busy learning about the craft of writing to think beyond to the larger purpose.

Two days ago, I wrote about slowing down on promoting Caring Lessons and getting on with the next phase of my life. Part of my rationale was additional affirmation that I read in an essay by Angela Hunt, a prolific writer:

Writing is a job like anything else, neither higher nor lower than the calling of the Christian dentist, minister, teacher, or day care worker. We have to see ourselves as ministers to an unseen audience many months away, and trust that the Lord will place books in the proper hands.

When I read about trusting God “to place books in the proper hands,” I realized I was at a point that I could do this. The initial promotional work for Caring Lessons has been completed.

The whole of Angela Hunt’s essay on life as a published author encapsulated much of what my life has been like since Caring Lessons came out in September 2010. To get inside an author’s head, I urge you to read her essay here. You will feel how strongly her faith influences her as a writer and author.

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writing: Sandro Botticelli's St. Augustine in His Cell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)