2016 - iPhone upload - house search 334Yes, you read that right. After eleven years of high-rise living in Chicago’s Loop, my husband and I are moving to a ground-level ranch in Sioux Falls, SD, in an area with lots of grass and evergreens near our little grandchildren.

We’ve just told our family and friends. Responses have at first been shock, then comments similar to: “Of course you’d want to be near your family.” They know my dream was always to live downtown. Well, we’ve done it now, and it’s time to move on. And I’m becoming more aware that other older people are making similar decisions as they decide priorities for final years.

You may recall a few weeks ago I wrote a post On Turning 74 in which I mused about how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I concluded I would trust God. And I did; I stopped obsessing about it, and lo and behold, my husband brought up the idea of moving, and that was that!  We had arrived at the same idea separately, but simultaneously, so surely it was a God thing.

So last week I bought our new home; my husband will see it soon. Meanwhile, we’re doing the paperwork and getting ready to sell our beloved home here in the sky, yet we are so looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. (My husband’s only request for a new home was having a three-stall garage; I bought one with just two stalls, so I have to be on my best behavior for a very long time!)

2016 - iPhone upload - house search 304So, sometime this summer, I will become the title of the magazine I’m holding: Sioux Falls Woman! And since I’ll be leaving my Peets on Michigan Avenue behind, this Scooters may become my new hangout for writing. If you see me here, please say hello!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy our journey with us; I’ll keep you up-to-date on these pages. Now to start cleaning…