I feel a bit silly announcing that in 15 weeks Caring Lessons should come out, because I’m still not finished proofing the galley. I’ve gotten totally sidetracked with family stuff, fun things that make me stop and reflect on the meaning of life, death, and retirement–and about everything else that confronts us on our journeys.

Just now, when I wrote the word reflect , this photo came to mind. I took it a few years back in Yellowstone while my husband and I were meandering through on a snowy afternoon. It’s just the kind of thing I like to look at when I’m in a contemplative mood!

But, back to reality, I will finish proofing the galley for Caring Lessons this weekend. And, keeping on track with my countdown, I’ve added another excerpt under Pages. From “Chapter 7 – Finding a Friend.” At that time in my life, I badly wanted a friend, and I was lucky enough to find one…